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News - This unit displays the latest laws and regulations information in the past months.

No Date Title
1. 2021.11.11 Regulations Governing the Organization of Procurement Evaluation Committee
2. 2021.11.04 Regulations For Review by Procurement Evaluation Committee
3. 2021.09.11 Regulations for Inviting or Entrusting Cultural or Art Professionals, Institutions, or Organizations to Provide Art or Cultural Services
4. 2021.08.17 Regulations Governing the Security Assurance Plan and Processing Method for Personal Data of the Engineering Consulting Industry
5. 2021.07.14 Enforcement Rules of the Government Procurement Act
6. 2021.04.23 Organization and Operation Regulations of the Professional Engineer Discipline Committee and the Professional Engineer Discipline Retrial Committee
7. 2021.01.21 Enforcement Rules of the Act Governing the Administration of Professional Engineering Consulting Firms
8. 2020.11.16 Regulations for Renewal of Professional Engineer Licenses
9. 2020.09.09 Regulations for Selection and Fee Calculation of Technical Services Providers Entrusted by Entities
10. 2020.07.15 Regulations Governing the Organization and Operation of the Working and Evaluation Group of Procurement by Entities